It's time you had a vodka with character.

It's not unusual in the wine industry to describe wine with aromas and flavors of fruits, spices, and even things like grass and earth. The complexity inherent in the grape is what gives such beautiful texture to fine wines. The same is true with red e vodka.

red e's approachable nose has none of the antiseptic smell of more mainstream vodkas. Instead, you're welcomed by a soft, slightly sweet nose with a touch of fig that's balanced by light lavender notes. There's a hint of white pepper, too.

Part of what makes red e so easy to sip is that the beauty and complexity of the aroma is present in its taste, too. red e is smooth and clean with just a touch of grape sweetness, peppery notes that surround the tongue, and a finish that's clean and easy.

Being a great sipping vodka doesn't stop red e from having fun with other flavors, though! Check out our drinks page for some of our favorite cocktail combinations!